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From humble beginning to winning awards – Fashion stylist breaks barriers

From humble beginning to winning awards – Fashion stylist breaks barriers

Popular celebrity and socialite fashion stylist, Reinhard Mahalie, has come a long way since he first started his venture in 2014. He did his first interview with the Economist, in 2014 and recently he met up with the Economist to share his experiences and achievements.

Mahalie who recently won the Simply You Magazine Favourite Stylist 2019 award also informed the Economist that in 2016 he scooped the ASFA Stylist of the Year for Southern Africa.

“Even though we are a few and people do not take fashion stylists seriously, we exceed our work and in turn we get recognised for our hard work,” he added.

He credits his success mostly to his family for the support they have given him, the entertainment industry and the media for welcoming him with open arms, since he officially launched the Reinhard Mahalie brand.

He said even though he has achieved a lot in the industry, his main goal is to become a TV presenter, which he has been trying to achieve for the past 7 years of which he got his first call back this year.

“I am not demotivated by this, because every thing happens for a reason, I am a confident person and I will persevere until my break though comes,” he emphasised.

He advised the youth, who want to get into the entertainment industry to network at events and get to know the who’s who of the industry, as well as to use social media a lot, because it open doors for them.

“Create your own opportunities, do not sit and wait for opportunities, because nothing will be handed to you on a silver platter, do it yourself,” he advised.

Mahalie who has a degree in Journalism, hopes to go back to school to study fashion, but for now he is helping his parents with the education of his two sisters, one who is in university and the other who is still in primary school.

“I love the industry and the path my career is taking, until I get that dream TV presenter gig, I will be concentrating on growing my brand, starting a Fashion Stylist Master class next year and get international clients to work with,” he concluded.


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