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Friends against Poverty run again

Dear Sir,
The Friends against Poverty Campaign was established in 2011, after a story on the media showed Namibians eating food off a dumpsite!!!  
Almost instantly I started looking around my house for items that were of no use to me, so that I could go and give them to those who needed it.  I had to do my part and help what seemed to be the poorest of the poor in our society! I logged onto Facebook, and started inviting my friends to do the same. I knew that Facebook had immense power to reach thousands of people from all walks of life!
I soon started the Friends against Poverty Campaign page on Facebook, and continued inviting others to join me and do their bit.
The page became very busy very fast. People started asking to join, people wrote comments and gave suggestions and ideas of what could be done, and sometimes they posted their opinions on the situation that was unfolding right under our noses.
Currently, the page has 1837 followers, and counting.
In order to get ordinary Namibians involved, I created the Give What You Have Day, of which the next will be on Saturday, 6 Junly 2013. Through the Give What You Have initiative, I urge all Namibians, young and old, to go through their homes, involve their family and friends, find items that are of no use to them, and give it to the poor and needy. This group is not about what the government should and should not do. This group is not about meetings, policies, minutes and procedures. This group is about seeing a situation for what it is, and about acting. We cannot ignore poverty. We cannot ignore the fact that we have a social responsibility towards our people. This group is about YOU, making a difference in one persons life.
In this regard, I urge you to come or join us on this day and make whatever contribution you possibly can, or make a kind donation for us to handover to the group. Be in the form of blankets, mugs, food, clothes anything that will be of value and use to someone living out there in the cold.
Thank you in advance for you cooperation.
Marbeline Mwashekele
Founder of Friends against Poverty Campaign

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