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This Week In The Khuta – To err is human, deal with it and move on

The biggest most anticipated night in Namibian music took place last weekend. A night with promises to rock and entertain the Namibian nation instead ended up being marred by complaints and disappointments of what is now called the worst Namibian Annual Music Awards ceremony to have ever hit the nation’s screens.
This year I got the privilege to watch them live so I personally bore witness to the mishaps that took place on 20 April 2013 at Ramatex. I cringed half way through the show and was so embarrassed I hid my face in shame. Most of the audience failed to understand why things where not falling into place and left to get a drink, hoping not to regret why they had wasted their time, money and outfits to attend the award show. Some even left before the presenters had said goodnight to the rest of the audience and viewers at home. Not even the chill in the air could compare to the cold atmosphere in the arena as the audience laughed at some of the guest presenters who could not read what was on the autocue. My immediate thoughts were, “where did they get these people who can’t read what’s in front of them and what are the South African guests thinking about all the blunders in front of them?”
As usual when such things happen we are all quick to point the accusing finger at those in charge of the organization of the event . Yet we forget the saying that when you point an accusing finger at someone we have three fingers pointing at ourselves. Yes we are to blame too. I am sure that MTC wanted to make the awards special by bringing in artists and celebrities from South Africa, – come on now people, have you never heard of exposure? It is because you are stuck in the olden days of backward thinking that people come into your lives with the aim of eating your cake and leaving you with just crumbs.
Social networks we abuzz with comments on how the organisers had let the nation down by hosting a disappointing award show. As artists you stand together and celebrate each other, after all you all share a common love, a love of music so it should not come as a thorn in your flesh when one wins a handful of awards. It should not become a battle of egos as to who has won more awards than the others but instead of celebration that one has been acknowledged as a favorite by the public and judges. Well much as I was deeply disappointed I realized that to err is human and that the organisers are not entirely to blame for the biggest blunder in Namibian music history.
I was taken aback at the Namibia Music Industry Union (NAMIU), a union which supposedly exists for the benefits of the artists. NAMIU complained about the NAMAs even calling for the NAMA Executive Chairperson to step down. The union called a press conference to shame the organizers but it was them that were shamed instead when the press conference turned into a scene from an Nigerian movie with some of the artists calling the union a mickey mouse operation and a waste of their time and money. Clearly they are as blinds as bats as they can not see that without MTC there would be no NAMAs. Yes, MTC failed in one way but they took credit for their mistake and apologized to the artists and the public for a poorly organized award ceremony.
Namibians like to complain and they always choose the most awkward of times to complain. When everything is fine, the complaints are mumbled amongst themselves but when the going gets tough every one wants to shout the loudest. My opinions are mine, and the artists and organisers have their own too but we should all allow ourselves to the beauty of surrender, accept things as they are,  deal with our disappointments and move on with life.

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