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Agra employees help young and old to get through the winter

Agra employees help young and old to get through the winter

Since the beginning of June, Agra’s staff members have been supporting vulnerable people in various towns with basic necessities, food and blankets. These donations are made to specific institutions that care for children and the elderly in the towns where the agricultural retailer has branches.

Any Agra staff member can contribute voluntarily to the Agra Staff Initiative Fund which then procures specific items for specific groups of people where a need has been identified. The fund was established and is sustained with donations from Agra employees who are compassionate about the plight of those in need. Every winter, the fund donates basic items to kindergartens, soup kitchens and old age homes.

The fund’s chairperson, Christo van Wyk said “It is our responsibility as a corporate to take care of the people in the communities in which we operate and that is why the Staff Initiative Fund availed an amount of approximately N$50,000 to help vulnerable communities survive the winter.”

“We all know that volunteering for a good cause is an important way to show our care and compassion throughout the year, however during the winter, this noble cause is more important than ever and that is why Agra staff members took up the duty to help those who can’t help themselves,” he said.

For the first round of donations, Agra branches in Rehoboth, Otjiwarongo, Otavi and Ondangwa supported the fund. The beneficiaries are Allie-Qie Kids Shelter in Rehoboth, the Multi-purpose Centre in Otjiwarongo, ELK Sopkombuis in Otavi and Enkono Kindergarten in Ondangwa.

Caption: The children of Enkono Kindergarten in Ondangwa received a donation of basic items, food and blankets from Agra’s staff in the Ondangwa branch.


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