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Choosing the right educational path for your career

Choosing the right educational path for your career

By Albin Jacobs

Study hard, get a degree and enter the job market. Climb the corporate ladder or start for yourself and see your salary grow and your prospects improve. That is the theory, the dream, the blueprint which has been imprinted into the minds of Namibians. Sadly, it isn’t so easy, so linear or so definite.

Forging a career is dependent upon a lot of different factors, with a lot outside of your control. Illness, family developments and a myriad of other permutations may be a barrier to the development of your career. This all sounds rather bleak, it isn’t, it’s just the way the world is. There is so much that you might not be able to control, but what you can do, is to manage and control your own personal development. This means, taking the right courses and keeping up the knowledge in your field of expertise. Or perhaps developing more knowledge in a sector that is peripheral to your area of expertise. Especially when there’s an economic downturn it is essential to have a CV that stands out from the others. Extra diploma’s, certificates and degrees certainly will help you stand out and make you more employable.

When you’re working a full-time job, it’s hard to find extra time for after-hours education and training. That is why Southern Africa’s Stadio Holdings through its range of Higher Education institutions may have the solution. Studying at your own time and at your own pace, doing a degree that’s right for you.

Stadio is a private higher education which owns six prestigious institutions making up our Multiversity with Embury and SBS Namibia being two of those institutions presently active in Namibia. In total the six institutions offer over 80 accredited programmes, from Higher Certificates to Masters Degrees and Doctorates, through contact, distance and online learning, to about 30,000 students in Southern Africa.

SBS Namibia offers a wide range of certificates and degrees in a multitude of specialisations ranging from Business Administration to Policing as well as Law and Financial degrees. With its sister institute, Embury Institute for Higher Education as a fully accredited private higher education institution specialising in teacher education. They specialise specifically in pre-school and primary school education (Foundation and Intermediate Phases). Both Institutions are distance learning institutes.

Distance learning is not learning in isolation, your network of other students, lecturers and tutors are all online. Students still work together, have sounding boards and people to learn from. There are dedicated forums and chatrooms online for the students to interact and share ideas. You don’t have to set meetings, reschedule or commute to meet for assignments.

If you’re going to invest time into career advancement, especially here in Namibia, it is important to ensure you signed up to an NQA recognised course.

All courses at Southern Business School Namibia and Embury’s courses are fully accredited and give you peace of mind. In general, it is advisable to sign up to courses that receive industry recognition as well. Ideally, you want to graduate with a certificate or other qualification widely recognised in your industry. Embury’s teaching qualifications and SBS Namibia tick this box as well.

Distance learning lets you study when it suits you. It means that you can do it parallel to your full or part-time job. This is often stimulated by the employer and even paid for, as they realise they are getting a better prepared, educated and developed employee who remains productive during their studies.

The courses on offer through the these Institutions give you the ability to tailor a long-term training plan to your exact needs. Starting with a certificate and working your way up to that degree. You can develop your educational plan to suit your goals and your schedule. This building block approach is a great alternative to a daunting four-year university degree or low paid apprenticeship and keeps you in charge of your own life and destiny.

Whether you’re looking to brush up your skills, apply for a promotion or embark on a total career change, Education through distance learning really is the shot in the arm you need to dream big and achiever even bigger.


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