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Liberty Namibia launches Mind My Money programme to help enhance financial management skills

Liberty Namibia launches Mind My Money programme to help enhance financial management skills

Liberty Namibia this week announced the launch of its pan-Africa financial literacy programme, Mind My Money, to the Namibian market.

The programme uses various channels to offer participants insights into savings and investments, managing debt, insurance, banking and budgeting. Through using both digital tools and a classroom-based method; attendees engage with the content in a fun and interactive way – ensuring that the skills learnt are long-lasting and useful. The programmes objectives are to drive awareness, increase capability and optimise financial inclusion.

“We believe in a combination of tech and touch – we are humans that use robots. In an era that is mobile and on mobile, we believe that digital inclusion is the gateway to other forms and types of inclusion” explained Monique Cloete, Managing Director of Liberty Life Namibia.

“Mind My Money is a comprehensive suite of financial management tips and tools” she said, adding “as a financial institution, entrusted with our communities financial wellbeing; Mind My Money is aimed at enhancing our proposition and to also further ensure that participants engage with the content and come out better at the end of the day when it comes to how they manage their money.”

Financial inclusion reaches further than having access to products, the appropriate financial tools and geographic reach. It further includes ensuring that people (customers, business partners, employees) are empowered to understand these products and tools with increased accessibility. People that are empowered are more productive; they thrive.

Financial education forms part of a holistic financial awareness and capability enablement process driven by the Liberty Group. Research shows that interactive training is the most suited intervention to enhance and facilitate learning. Liberty’s Mind My Money workshops are designed in a way to enhance the quality of understanding and engagement with financial products and tools. Digital and hands-on processes are used to interactively immerse participants in learning. Through the workshops Liberty provides awareness on how to manage, plan, protect, grow and invest your money. Liberty recognises that this is only one step closer to financial freedom.

Mind My Money provides access to a personalised financial needs analysis and expert financial planning in order to enhance the financial freedom journey. The Programme is intended to create a shift from lack and desperation to control and understanding. So Mind My Money extends these options to participants who want to move from capability to ability. We cannot dictate financial freedom for anyone; it is a personal journey, a personal encounter, a personal plan.

“For us at Liberty, we see our community involvement and all of our CSI initiatives as part and parcel of our business. This is why we say Liberty is not just our name, its what’s we do – we are in the business of financial inclusion and liberation – whether this is realised today or in the long term” concluded Ms Cloete.

As Liberty’s first business outside South Africa, Liberty Life Namibia Limited was licensed in 2003 as a Long-term Insurance Company. Liberty Life Namibia is a 100% subsidiary of Liberty Holdings Namibia who holds a 25% local shareholding.


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