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Government increases social grants by N$50

Government increases social grants by N$50

The Ministry of Poverty and Eradication and Social Welfare increased monthly old age pension from N$1250 to N$1300, effective 1 April.

Esther Lusepani, Executive Director in the ministry said in a statement that following the enactment of the appropriate Act 2019, the payment of the increased grants will commence from 1 September 2019 to all eligible beneficiaries of old age and disability grants.

According to Lusepani, for the month of September, all eligible beneficiaries for old age and disability grants will receive a once off payment of N$1500 which constitutes a back pay of N$200 for the months since April.

“A reminder is made that the beneficiaries for the social grants already received their N$1300 for the month of August 2019. From the month of September 2019 onwards, the eligible beneficiaries will receive N$1300 per month,” Lusepani added.


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