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Pedagogical Exchange Service invites five learners to Germany

Pedagogical Exchange Service invites five learners to Germany

Five winners of the National Language Competition 2018 have been invited to Germany through the Pedagogical Exchange Service.

The number of places available for Namibians has been increased from four to five this year, emphasizing the special position of German as a foreign language in Namibia.

Last week, Clarissa Judmann (German Embassy Windhoek) and Ingrid Barth (Goethe-Institut Namibia) saw off the students, Yi Cai (Namib High School), Iman Dundee (Deutsche Höhere Privatschule), Max Titus (Rocky Crest High School), Panduleni Shatilwe (Delta Secondary School) and Kauzemburukua Muikute (Academia Secondary School). They are expected to leave together for Germany on 14 August.

In Germany, the learners will spend some time with families, take part in language courses and attend German school classes. Their journey takes them to Bonn, Berlin and Munich. While abroad, they are supervised by staff of the Exchange Service.

The National German language competition in Namibia has been organized by the Goethe-Institut Namibia for over 30 years. The competition not only compares participants’ knowledge of German as a foreign language; but it is a colorful celebration of the German language for all German learners, their parents and teachers and includes a varied supporting program.

This year’s language competition will take place on 21 September at the Goethe-Institut Namibia.

Caption: PAD Scholars: Max Titus (2nd from left), Iman Dundee (3rd from left), Panduleni Shatilwe (4th from left) und Kauzemburukua Muikute (1st from right) as well as Mrs Ingrid Barth (2nd from left).


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