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Go Green Fund gets N$930,000 shot in the arm

Go Green Fund gets N$930,000 shot in the arm

The Nedbank Go Green Fund, which is managed by the Namibia Nature Foundation, this week was supported by Nedbank Namibia with a donation of N$930,000.

Speaking at the handover ceremony this week Environment and Tourism Minister, Hon Pohamba Shifeta praised Nedbank for its continued contribution to environmental efforts.

“As the custodian of natural resources protection as per our constitutional mandate, I welcome this significant investment by Nedbank. The positive developmental impact from the Go Green Fund has left its mark on the Namibian landscape and on our rural communities. The fund is a demonstration of how private corporations can work with civil society to bring about greater change and contribute to Namibia’s sustainable development, based on sound research,” he said

Nedbank Head of Compliance, Governance and its Company Secretary, Christoffer Chipeio emphasized the relevance and importance of corporates viewing the environment as a key stakeholder when doing business.

“Our involvement as a responsible corporate citizen does not only stop with the Go Green Fund because we understand that corporates can no longer stand back if they are to engage business in a responsible and sustainable manner. As we know, sustainability transcends environmental protection and forms part of the way we operate in our communities and how we help them develop,” Chipeio said.

Executive Director of the Namibia Nature Foundation, Angus Middleton explained the uniqueness of the Go Green Fund partnership and how collaboration helps achieve a common goal.

“The Go Green Fund remains the first of its kind in Namibia, where a corporate and an NGO come together, with a common vision, to support passionate individuals and organisations that work to conserve our nature and promote a sustainable future for Namibians,” he added.

Nedbank Namibia home loan and vehicle financing enable the funding which goes to the Go Green Fund.

For every new home loan and a new vehicle loan, Nedbank contributes an amount to the Go Green Fund, at no extra cost to their clients. To date, Nedbank has invested over N$7 million into the Go Green Fund and has fully funded or co-funded over 40 environmental projects.

The Go Green Fund, which provides small grants for projects dealing with conservation, protection and the wise management of Namibian habitats and indigenous plants and animal species, was founded in 2001 as part of Nedbank’s Corporate Social Investment programme.

Caption: Christoffer Chipeio, Nedbank Head of Compliance, Governance and Company Secretary; Angus Middleton, Executive Director of the Namibia Nature Foundation; Hon. Bernadette Maria Jagger, Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism; and Hon. Pohamba Shifeta, Minister of Environment and Tourism. (Photograph by Musa Carter).


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