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Fast network @ Omeya Estate

Telecom this week announced its plans to build a fibre-based, mobile and wireless telecommunication network at Omeya Golf Estate 30km south of Windhoek. Telecom said it will build a WiFi network to ensure wireless coverage throughout the estate and roll out fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) which uses optical cables to deliver ultra-fast broadband and telephony service with network interface speeds of more than 100Mbps.
The telecommunication utility through its cellular company Leo, will also build a 3G mobile base station at Omeya, which will be complemented with 4G towards the end of this year. Once complete, the network will offer voice, IP, data, internet, telecommunication services and value added services (VAS) to residents at the Greenfield development.
The combination of FTTH, WiFi and mobile network will give seamless access to all Omeya residents and visitors.
“Although the initial goal is to provide basic WiFi Internet access, we are actually building a high-speed fibre-to-the-home network that will be delivering even more services and applications in the future,” said Telecom Namibia’s Chief Commercial Officer Heiko Trost.
Trost explained further that the network solutions for Omeya provide the convenience and flexibility of wireless with the power of direct fibre connection to homes that comes with plenty of performance for more demanding applications such as high speed broadband access and live video surveillance.
Omeya will be connected to the Telecom national fibre backbone in a ring-protected design linking to Windhoek to the north and Rehoboth to the south.
“We plan to deploy fibre high speed solution to help us better position our services against competitive offerings, as well as expand our offering into areas where our competitors are currently lacking,” said, Telecom‘s Chief Operations Officer Hein Bader. “Our decision to deploy fibre high speed solution is a direct response to customer desire for bandwidth speed and affordability.”
“Telecom Namibia is ready to expand its reach to any Greenfield development like Omeya in order to meet customer demands for new solutions,” he added. The advantages of digital networks have been clearly demonstrated in countries where fibre high speed solution has been in place for some time. There is anecdotal evidence that the presence of high speed broadband and its related services changes people’s lives and enhances the values of properties while also ensuring the rapid sale of properties relative to non-fibre enabled communities.

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