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Who is behind obnoxious propaganda?

Dear Editor
On April 6, something odious came to the internet. Its name was Nam-Tour and it was a crude parody of a tourism operator’s website, and it came with an accompanying Facebook and Twitter page. The page’s clear purpose it to defame our entire nation. It paints us as child molesters and rapists, as drunkards and fools. Most importantly, in the minds of the designers, as abusers of animals, particularly, wait for it, seals.
Two days previously, Pat Dickens from the ‘The Seals of Namibia’ (even though Pat is from, and resides in, South Africa) declared his intentions to spur an international boycott against Namibia.
It looks like Pat’s war took off yesterday. The Nam-tour page with its graphic pictures and innuendo outraged Namibians who shared their disgust across a variety of forums. When confronted, Pat issued a statement from his website denying any involvement.
Our members (and credit must also be given to Gerard Jensen) posted information on Facebook that confirms Pat has been promoting the page to his supporters and friend all week using words like ‘urgently’ and ‘strongly advise’ when directing them to the link. These are surely not the words of someone who finds the site ‘unprofessional’ or is left with an ‘unpleasant taste’ after viewing it. Pat’s shared the Nam-tour link with the heading “Raping dogs and goats in Namibia” and adding in the comments ‘sick country (sic). They also beat 86,000 seals to death’ while to the page ‘Animal Cruelty Exposed’ post in particular shows not only deceit, but where his heart lies.
Our screenshots note that he was also ‘SHOCKED’ on his personal Facebook page, so any excuse that he was not aware of the press statement on the website will not hold water. He is caught in the lie, especially when one considers that, for all intents and purposes, Pat Dickens is ‘The Seals of Nam’, or is now the “The Seals of Nam-tour”.
Pat Dickens does most of his campaigning on Facebook yet he has the country of Namibia blocked.  If he had any real concern for the seals wouldn’t his target audience be the citizens of Namibia? Given the amount of deliberate misinformation he spreads one must wonder what his true intentions are. He has already been banned as an illegal immigrant by the Namibian Government after it was established that he begged for donations to be paid over into his private bank account, this after it was established that his organization was not even registered as a non-profit organization. Is he retaliating against all Namibians now for been exposed? Or is he retaliating because his career to live of donations has been hampered by us?
Rob Parker
On behalf of Namibian Seal Conservation

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