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Mastermind behind the establishment of Rukonga Vision School calls it a day, after 33 years in the public service

Mastermind behind the establishment of Rukonga Vision School calls it a day, after 33 years in the public service

The Deputy Executive Director for Formal Education in the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture Charles Kabajani, will retired from the public service on 31 July, according to the ministry in a statement.

The ministry said Kabajani, a passionate, skilled educator and educational leader served the education fraternity and public service at large for over 33 years in various capacities.

He started off his career in education as an unqualified teacher in February 1982. He then obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Education) from the University of South Africa in 1986 and through out the years as a qualified teacher, taught in various fields and schools.

Kabajani, served as Deputy Permanent Secretary/ Deputy Executive Director: Formal Education, as from September 2013 to time of retirement.

Having been at the helm of the education system just after independence, he leaves behind a legacy of an education system with policies based on the principles of the provision of equitable, quality and inclusive education, the ministry added.

During the farewell function held last week, Sanet Steenkamp, Executive Director in the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture lauded Kabajani for his commitment, gentle yet firm leadership, diplomatic demeanour and transformative input towards education.

According to the ministry, of note, Kabajani was the mastermind behind the establishment of Rukonga Vision School in the Kavango East region.

The Ministry established the first-ever Vision School (Rukonga) in the remote part of the Kavango East Region at Divundu, targeting disadvantaged learners across the country. This is a complete secondary school offering grades 8 to 12 with the aim to provide and sustain intensive educational support.

“In terms of education, the philosophy is that we are bringing learners from different background across the country to study and learn together, ultimately creating cohesion and nation building,” said Kabajani.

The Rukonga Vision School, opened in January 2013 was officially inaugurated in 2013 by HE Dr Hifikepunye Pohamba.

The concept was developed in accordance with guidelines stated in the Education and Training Sector Improvement Programme (ETSIP) – pro-poor expansion of secondary education.

Meanwhile, Moses Gorengecho, school principal commended Kabajani’s commitment and contribution in transforming the school into a school of excellence.

“We take the opportunity, to recognise the person behind the establishment of Rukonga Vision School, its values and principles and subsequent exploits and achievements Kabajani. Kabajani, did not only contribute in originating the idea of improving the quality of education in Namibia through vision Schools, but also addressed the issue of Equity in that education, by ensuring that formerly marginalised and vulnerable learners are targeted to benefit from the vision School concept,” added Gorengecho.

Kabajani said he has dedicated his whole life to the improvement of education and more importantly the welfare of children, learners and students by addressing their needs though leading, guiding, teaching, educating, counselling and addressing their needs so that they become responsible members of the society.

“More so, reforming education in order to respond to the needs of learners in schools and students at Universities,” Kabajani concluded.

Caption: Charles Kabajani, retiring Deputy Executive Director for Formal Education. (Photograph by Andiswa Masuku).


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