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Lobby groups behind saboteur attacks

As the country prepares to host the Adventure Trade World Summit in October, international animal rights and environmental lobby groups opposed to the“the inhumane” culling of seals off the Namibian coast have stepped up their anti-Namibia campaigns.
Groups Seal Alert and the Seals of Nam working in cahoots with Sea Shepherd Conservancy, an international lobby group led by one militant “Captain” Paul Watson, disappointed with their ineffective calls for a world-wide boycott of Namibian goods and services, have launched a dodgy website, to tarnish the country’s reputation.
The groups, hiding under the cover of a genuine local travel company “with enough balls to tell it like it is”, have gone on a vilification drive with the intention to scare international tourists from visiting the country, and sabotaging the upcoming Adventure Trade World Summit.
The lobbyists, turned saboteurs, have targeted the tourism industry, a mainstay of the local economy, and those who support the annual seal hunt through the spread of propaganda to an international audience.
On their website, the groups aided by negative local media reports, describe Namibians as “generally quite friendly, although many are arrogant narrow minded racists.” adding that Namibia is believed to be a haven for Nazis- so don’t forget to pack your Swastika’s!”
They scare potential tourists into believing that “crime is a massive problem in this country and any would-be adventurer is strongly advised to leave all valuables at home and to take out maximum travel insurance.”
The groups also claim that Namibia does not have enough qualified medical specialists, warning visitors that: “Negligence is common here. Remember we only have a handful of badly run, inadequately equipped third world clinics with doctors tending to more AIDS infested victims than they can handle. There are 909 registered doctors serving over 2 million people.
“This is Namibia. We have sex with animals, rape is part of our culture and our police force are very cultural.”
Targeting businessman Oswald Theart who has supported seal culling in the past, Watson and his gang had this to say: “Let’s face it and be realistic for a just one moment. Namibia is a poorly developed 3rd world country in Africa. If you are planning your trip and are looking for affordable, safe and comfortable accommodation, the chances are you are not going to find it.
“Take the following for example. Oswald Theart (a man who openly supports Namibia’s annual seal slaughter of 86,000 Cape Fur seals and vociferously defends this cruelty in the media by attacking its critics with calls to government to label them as terrorists), is the owner of the “upmarket” Ngandu Safari Lodge in Rundu. In a typical show of greed, Theart puts the lives of his guests at risk by failing to employ a dedicated security company and instead chooses to go with his own incompetent staff. The result? A man is dead today.”
The “travel company” adds on its website that it is sick to death of the lies and propaganda that gets spewed by the Namibian government and unethical travel agencies hoping to make a fast buck.
“With Namibia set to host the Adventure Trade World Summit in October of 2013, we believe it is our patriotic duty to show the outside world the utter s..t that is going on in this country. This is so that you can be an informed traveller and make ethical decisions regarding where you wish to spend your money.

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