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Loans for Hartebeestloop auction

Agribank has announced that loans are available to approved farmers to obtain stud Bonsmaras at the upcoming Hartebeestloop auction.

The farmers bank, together with Hartebeestloop Bonsmaras and Agra livestock, is making finance available to enable buyers to purchase top genetic material at the sixth Hartebeestloop auction on 31 May on the farm Hartebeestloop.
The superior quality genetic material of Dr. Joggie Briedenhann’s Hartebeestloop Bonsmaras is already well-known and a sought-after commodity for stud and commercial farmers in various farming conditions.
At this year’s auction, Hartebeestloop again offers a large selection of male and female animals, with good variety of type, which was subject to very strict selection according to stringent auction requirements. Agribank’s aim with their livestock loans is to enable farmers to achieve full production capacity in order to grow wealth for sustainable farming operations. This agricultural bank realises the importance of well adapted animals of good genetic quality, to achieve this and therefore decided to offer loans to prospective buyers at the Hartebeestloop auction.
Kiep Lepen of Agra stud services, who has come a long way with Hartebeestloop is very excited about this year’s auction. “This is going to be an exceptional event because the animals offered this year are exceptional. I can assure you that the quality of the animals will exceed your expectations”, is Lepen’s opinion after screening the bulls. He adds: “The large number of potential stud bulls also gives producers a chance to obtain top bulls and the commercial producer will have the opportunity to purchase top quality bulls, which are indeed good enough for stud breeding”
Agribank thus invited prospective buyers at the Hartebeestloop auction, who are interested in making use of their loan facilities, to contact any of the Agribank branches for more information on the requirements and applications for loans for this purpose. Applications must be handed in as soon as possible for Agribank to approve and grant loans before the auction and producers to do their planning accordingly.
Prospective buyers are advised by Agribank to contact Mr. Kamaauu Nandova at the Midland Branch, or Mr. Kaurika Putuaota at the Southern Branch, or Mr Wylie Upi at the Otjeroku Branch, depending on the locality of their farms.

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