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Meatco does not compromise on the quality of beef – official

Meatco does not compromise on the quality of beef – official

Meatco’s Natures Reserve brand has opened up free-range beef marketing channels and serves various international customers according to Meatco Laboratory Manager, Kali Shapwa, who highlighted that the company does not compromise on the quality of beef.

Meatco said it aims to add as much value to carcasses as possible and to closely align itself with the needs of the end consumer of its products, while constantly developing its value chain by placing great emphasis on the quality and unique characteristics of its beef. Almost 100% of the slaughtered animals is processed and sold.

“It is the best or nothing at all times, to keep the trust our clients have in our meat – from when it is delivered to our abattoirs until the time it leaves. Ethics of food is very important because people must consume food to live, and that is why we cannot prevent the risk connected with food,” Shapwa noted.

The company said adding value to Namibian beef starts in the veld, where farmers rear free-range cattle using natural methods and apart from using naturally reared cattle for its production, Meatco added that it ensures that the cattle are treated according to strict animal welfare principles.

Meatco has established a tight bond with Namibian cattle producers, where it acts as a value-adding and marketing entity that passes the value gained from various markets back to its producers through the producer price paid for cattle delivered to its abattoirs.


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