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Sunbeam Collector finds rays of sunshine everywhere, now uses them to bring light to children in need

Sunbeam Collector finds rays of sunshine everywhere, now uses them to bring light to children in need

A Namibian children’s book has become the motivation for a new project to distribute copies of the book to schools, and to use the proceeds from actual sales to buy solar lamps for learners.

“The World Famous Sunbeam Collector” tells the story of the Sunbeam Collector who goes around, gathering sun rays all over the world to help children in need to find light when faced with dark and cold nights. The Collector travels through Namibia, finding sun rays in all sorts of well-known places and sharing these with the rest of the world.

The book is written by Ron Swilling and Peter Lukas with illustrations by Karel Swanepoel.

Project partners, Gondwana Collection and Bank Windhoek, will distribute 2400 copies in A5 format to Namibian schools and youth organisations while the A4 print will be sold in the curio shops at all the Gondwana lodges and at their headquarters in Windhoek. The proceeds will be used to buy solar lamps for children without access to electricity, to read and study in the evenings.

At the project’s launch, the Head of the bank’s Corporate Social Investment, Bronwyn Moody reiterated their belief that literacy is the key to economic development and prosperity.

Award winning actor Adriano Visagie, entertained the children at the launch, ensuring that the book’s appeal got an immediate boost from its young target readers.


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