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EU funded project to educate the nation about pollution and littering

EU funded project to educate the nation about pollution and littering

The European Union (EU) will be co-funding and participating in a project aimed at raising awareness on the effects of pollution and littering on the environment.

The Project launch will kick-off with a presentation to raise awareness on the effects of pollution and littering on 15 July, at Delta Primary School Hall at 07:30.

The EU said in a statement that the Youth against Pollution Namibia is a group that envisions creating environmental ambassadors through education Namibian youth on the negative impact o littering and pollution in Namibia.

“Furthermore, the first clean up campaign will be held on the 20 July at 07:30 at the river running behind Arebbusch City Lodge, which will involve selected schools and communities to participate in a ‘clean up hike’,” they added.

The EU explained that this project’s overall objectives are to sensitise the Namibian public abut the importance o a healthy environment and our role as humans in protecting it, because in the long term, the project seeks to create pro-active empowered Namibian citizens with positive attitude towards themselves, their community and their country and the natural environment.

“The group seeks to encourage the Namibian population to actively get involved in cleaning and protecting the natural environment to restore dignity,” the emphasised.

The EU envisage outcomes or this project that will include a video material on the status of pollution, littering and waste management in the country, to raise awareness and change attitudes and behaviour towards wast and the consequences of improper waste disposal, to engage stakeholders such as the general public, professionals, business people, universities, Recycle Namibia Forum, the municipality and others in these initiatives, to present or print materials with information on the environment, waste management principles and impacts of littering.

The EU has partnered with the Namibia Scientific Society, Namibia Environmental and Wildlife Society, the City of Windhoek and Arrebusch City Lodge.


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