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NAMDIA, Team Namibia ink agreement to enhance collaborative marketing efforts

NAMDIA, Team Namibia ink agreement to enhance collaborative marketing efforts

Namibia’s three-year old cutting-edge diamond marketing and sales company, Namib Desert Diamonds, NAMDIA and Team Namibia, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to commence with NAMDIA’s membership of Team Namibia and strategic partnership this month.

The MoU will lead to raising the awareness of NAMDIA on Team Namibia’s digital marketing platforms (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram) through distribution of content provided by NAMDIA.

“Joint campaigns and competitions to reach targeted audiences in Namibia and within the region, will also take place. NAMDIA will display Team Namibia’s member logo on various traditional and digital marketing platforms, and will also distribute Team Namibia’s Member Directory where relevant,” Team Namibia said in a statement.

In addition, Team Namibia’s member activities provide the opportunity for networking and the regular exchange of sales and marketing trends amongst members. This will provide NAMDIA further access to Namibian businesses.

Meanwhile, NAMDIA supports the Team Namibia’s mandate to raise the awareness of the need to shop, buy and procure local products and services.

Kennedy Hamutenya, chief executive officer of NAMDIA said, “Team Namibia deserves all the support it can get. As a member-based section 21 company, it is doing great work in alignment with Namibia’s national development plans. The organisation, currently financed solely by membership fees, is making a valuable and important contribution in securing market access for Namibian goods and services, ultimately to secure Namibia’s sustainable economic development. I believe that Uukumwe, Team Namibia’s mantra and call for collaboration, is highly relevant in today’s economic environment”.

Bärbel Kirchner, Team Namibia’s account director said, “We are really very excited that NAMDIA has joined Team Namibia. We are exceptionally proud that we have our own Namib Desert Diamonds join our group of members that offer high quality goods and services and effectively contribute to our economy. Namibia’s diamonds are of rare quality, ensuring a niche product in the luxury brand segment.

“We treasure that organisations from Namibia’s main contributing economic sectors have taken the lead and joined Team Namibia, such as Seaworks, the Namibia Tourism Board and now NAMDIA. This is a sign of strong collaboration and team spirit in our efforts of securing marketing access – both domestically and outside of Namibia’s borders,” she added.

Both organisations are currently involved with marketing and finding a sustainable route to market, recognise the importance of building a strong recognisable brand, as well as the value of mutual brand association of two of Namibia’s key national brands.


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