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MTC hopes to see the implementation of the smart cities concept in the country

MTC hopes to see the implementation of the smart cities concept in the country

As MTC continues to advocate to innovation as the leading ITC solution provider in the country, the telecommunication giant is set to continue making footprints to this effect.

Speaking from the Smart City Summit in Johannesburg South Africa, this week, MTC’s Tim Ekandjo said the mobile provider advocates for smart cities in Namibia.

The 2019 Smart Cities Africa Summit themed: “Co-creating smart cities in Africa – beyond the rhetoric,” took place in Johannesburg and brought together visionary and city leaders in the space of Smart Cities to share their experiences, best practices, and solutions for smart city realization.

“It is MTC’s vision to see the smart city concept implemented in Namibia, starting with Windhoek. This concept can improve the efficiency of City services by eliminating redundancies, finding ways to save money and streamlining responsibilities. The results obviously provide higher quality services at lower cost which benefits citizens,” he said.

According to Ekandjo the success of smart cities will depend on governments implementing the right policies and for Namibia, it is critical to get the government and the private sector to establish a close cooperation.

“As a leading technology company, MTC sees the need to help drive the need for a connected infrastructure and smart technology in Namibia through partnership with local municipalities and agencies to leverage on connectivity for a digital economy,” he added.

A smart city concept uses emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and sensors to connect infrastructure, collect data and then uses such data to manage, engage citizens, visitors, and businesses in an intelligent, connected ecosystem.

The aim is to create safer and live-able environments where people and businesses can thrive.

Caption: Archie Benjamin (Swakopmund Municipality CEO), Sakeus Amutenya (Deputy Commissioner Head of ICT division of ICT NAMPOL), MTC’s Adolf Ndafenongo and Tim Ekandjo, City Police Chief Abraham Kanime And Melvin Angula.


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