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Dundee Precious Metals proposes expansion of Tsumeb smelter

Dundee Precious Metals proposes expansion of Tsumeb smelter

Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb has proposed to expand their current smelter operations in Tsumeb in order to increase the copper concentrate throughput capacity from 240,000 tons per annum to 370 000.

In a report for the proposed expansion released this week, it is said that Dundee has appointed SLR Environment Consulting Namibia to undertake the required Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Amendment process for the proposed project.

In the report Dundee said the expansion would be contained within the existing facility footprint and would include the following components, to upgrade the existing Ausmelt feed and furnace, to install a rotary holding furnace , the implementation of slow cooling of the furnace and converter slag, the upgrading of the slag mill to improve copper recovery and handle the increased tonnage from slow cooled slags, the option to install an additional Peirce-Smith converter and to relate infrastructure improvements.

According to Dundee the new facilities will be designed, constructed, operated and maintained in line with good international practice, the new project components and associated services infrastructure together with the existing infrastructure are collectively referred to as the Tsumeb Smelter Upgrade and Optimisation Project.

Meanwhile, Dundee currently holds an Environmental Clearance Certificate in terms of the Environmental Management Act (No. 7 or 2007, EMA) of Namibia for its operations at the Tsumeb Smelter, therefore to allow for the proposed Expansion Project, an amendment of the original ECC and Environmental Management Plan is required and the report focuses on the above additional components not covered in the current certificate and plan.


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