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Fable factory’s spin doctors reorganise, elect leadership, craft new vision and strategy

Namibia’s professional spin doctors came together this week to elect a new Executive Committee for the Namibian chapter of the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa, an autonomous body that regulates the profession through accreditation in several countries in southern Africa.

The Executive Committee serves for a term of twelve months.

Leading the committee is Chairperson Liz Tashiya, supported by two deputy chairs, Birgit Hoffman and Helene Meintjies. The rest of the committee comprises Samuel Linyondi, André le Roux, Maria Dax, Nelson Ashipala and Gladwin Groenewald.

Linyondi serves as treasurer and le Roux as secretary.

There are also two non-executive student representatives, Hendrina Shikalepo and Shoki Shivute Kandjimi.

The institute’s Chief Executive, Victor Sibeko, who attended the election meeting, reminded all PR practitioners of the importance of keeping high standards and the need for continuous skills development. In this regard he assured the new committee that the Namibian Chapter will receive abundant support from the main body based in South Africa.

It was Sibeko’s idea that the committee draws PR students closer to the workings of the regulatory body by incorporating them while still at university. He also advised that PR practitioners should hold regular workshops to elevate the profession’s skills base, and that individual practitioners should attend Continuous Professional Development training.

Caption: Victor Sibeko (seated front centre), the Chief Executive of the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa, PRISA, with the new chairperson of the Namibian chapter, Liz Tashiya (seated left) and the first deputy chair, Birgit Hoffman (seated right). Standing are, from the left, Nelson Ashipala, Helene Meintjies (second deputy), Shoki Shivute Kandjimi, Gladwin Groenewaldt, Maria Dax, Samuel Linyondi and André le Roux.