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Rebranded Fleet Services company to drive the logistics sector to a new level

Rebranded Fleet Services company to drive the logistics sector to a new level

Eqstra Fleet Services Namibia recently re-branded and officially changed its name to Omatemba Fleet Services, at the end of May.

The word Omatemba, means a fleet of wagons in both the Oshiwambo and Oshiherero languages.

Murray Price, Chairman of Eqstra Fleet Management said they have been operating in Namibia since 2004 as part of a joint venture between Epia Investment Holdings, which resulted in the formation of an economic empowerment fleet management company, that is Omatemba.

“Omatemba has become one of the largest leasing and fleet management companies in Namibia, of which 70% is owned by Eqstra Fleet Management. We therefore believe the time has come to more fully align ourselves with Namibia by adopting this new brand name for Namibia,” he explained.

According to Price one of the major principles of their operations in the country has been economic empowerment.

“As a result we only employ locals for our operations and all vehicles leased and fleet managed by Omatemba are sourced, procured and maintained through local suppliers,” he added.

He further highlighted that this philosophy has ensured the success of their strategic partnership with Epia Investments, an empowerment company with a broad based ownership by Previously Disadvantaged Persons.

“Currently, our fleet comprises some 1000 vehicles, all of which are owned and managed by the business, in addition, Omatemba implements skills development and training programs, apprenticeship opportunities and mentorship schemes that facilitate skills transfer and support is also given to small and medium sized business enterprises, from their foundation through business management training interventions,” he said.

Price said they are fully geared to provide complete fleet solutions to their clients, as they outsource/sub-contract in Namibia vehicle washing, fuel cards roadside assistance and short term vehicle insurance.

“We will rely on Eqstra Fleet Management in South Africa only for financial administration, human resources control and administration,” he stated.

Their major contracts have included the supply of 858 rented vehicles to government on a 24 month contract, a fleet management partnership with Nampost for the last 19 years and a fleet management contract with NamDeb in Oranjemund which is now in its 11th year of operation. The company’s head office is situated in Windhoek with satellite offices in Oranjemund.


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