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Local bank’s new bursary programme targets employees, youth

Local bank’s new bursary programme targets employees, youth

Bursaries amounting to N$400,000 were recently given to 10 members of the Nedbank’s staff and 3 too students, through the bank’s newly established bursary programme.

Lionel Matthews congratulated all the successful candidates and they understand that the youth is the future, therefore they are committed to invest in the youth by creating opportunities for them.

“Including our staff into the bursary programme, proves once again that we are a great place to work for because we continue to invest in our people,” he added.

Matthews explained that the bursary programme is linked to a mentorship programme, where each candidate will be assigned a mentor from the top Nedbank management.

“This will not only ensure that the progress of each candidates is tracked, but it also gives us the ability to fully understands the ambitions of every candidate and provide them with the appropriate assistance,” he said.

The Nedbank staff members who are busary recipents are Alex Kamboua, Jason Kaish, Elizabeth Hamunyela, Marlyne Garoes, Maureen Kausha, Lucretius Kasata, Clements Nuunyango, Daisy Andjamba, Randy Schwartbooy and Elizabeth Ben-Elungu.

The other candidates to receive bursaries are Ester Pomuti, who is studying Master of Commerce Financial Markets at Rhodes University, Petritia Sheya, who is studying a Bachelor of Computer Science at the Namibia University of Science and Technology,(NUST) as well as Venick Mashuna who is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Mathematics and Statistics at NUST.

The selection committee included Lionel Matthews, Managing Director, JG van Gran, Chief Financial Officer, Heinrich Joodt, Chief Internal Auditor and Ruth Hammerslagt Organisation Effective Specialists all from Nedbank Namibia.


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