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German Embassy donates N$120,000 to autism awareness campaign

German Embassy donates N$120,000 to autism awareness campaign

The German Embassy in Windhoek supported the ‘Stepping Stone Special Education School’ in Swakopmund to run an awareness campaign on autism with a donation of N$120,000.

For the campaign information flyers will be translated and printed in three of the national languages which will be distributed to the public in order to create greater acceptance of autistic children.
Families with children with development disorders will thus be shown support opportunities and respective contact points.

According to the Embassy, therapeutic-educational materials and educational toys were purchased for the school.

“The distinct educational material is designed to support children with special needs and to stimulate the development of the children,” they added.

The Stepping Stone Special Education School was founded in 2015. Children with autism and related special needs (namely PDD – pervasive development disorders and certain instances of Down syndrome) are getting the adequate care through trained staff.

The classes are divided into small groups, which ensure better advancement for the learners. The principal Almarie Mostert, who has been working for more than 12 years in this field, is very dedicated and creates a relaxed and conducive atmosphere through her special care for the children.


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