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Wangiri phone scam making rounds

Wangiri phone scam making rounds

Mobile telecommunications, MTC this week has warned its customers to be wary of the Wangiri scam which has resurfaced.

“We have taken note of a phone fraud where an unknown number(s) calls you, rings once and hangs up. Customers should not return calls to these unknown numbers as it is a Wangiri scam,”MTC said.

Wangiri is a phone fraud that originated in Japan. The call is made from a computer to many different mobile numbers. The customer receives a missed call and is enticed to find out who called.

So when they call back they are answered by a machine and they are charged large amounts for the calls they made, MTC added.

Meanwhile MTC told its customers not to return the calls to the numbers but rather report them to their Call Centre instead. (Call Centre, dial 120/130).


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