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Passenger vehicle sales help car figures

Vehicle sales in February were another testament to the predicted upward trend. Total vehicles sold amounted 1043 units from a refined value of 949 units in January. The 9 % increase in car sales were courtesy of sales records from the data provided by the National Association of Automobile Manufactures of South Africa (NAAMSA).
According to the data, Toyota, Isuzu and Nissan are the leading brands which led to light commercial vehicles having the recorded number of vehicles sold at 455 units. This was a 3.3% drop from January’s 471 units. The largest category in terms of vehicles sold went to passenger vehicle sales which was up to 27.1%. This was mainly attributed to sales from the Toyota and the Volkswagen Group South Africa (selling 145 and 153 units respectively), the total sales in this category was 530 units. Heavy commercial vehicles had a total sales of 9 units. This represents a 2 unit increase in that category. Extra heavy vehicles increased by 4 units from January’s 22 to 26 units in February. Medium commercial vehicles recorded sales of 22 units, a slight increase from last month’s 16.
Vehicle sales amongst the popular German manufactures showed similar trends from the previous month. Mercedes Benz recorded 37 units, an improvement from last month’s 28 units. Audi sold 14 units in January and that remained virtually the same for the German company of 15 units. BMW sold the same units as Audi with no surprise from their sales figures. All in all, the increase in the car sales lead to an improvement in the consumption index which inadvertently improved Namibia’s Business Climate Index for the month of February.

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