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Local documentary depicts NovaNam’s contribution to the development of Lüderitz

Local documentary depicts NovaNam’s contribution to the development of Lüderitz

NovaNam Fishing recently premiered a documentary titled ‘Lüderitz: A City Born From The Sea’ which highlights how NovaNam and its affiliate, Lalandii, have been instrumental in the development of the town.

The documentary was directed by Daniel Landa and shows how Lüderitz transformed from being almost a ghost town post-independence to a town with a promising fishing industry. The documentary stars Nelago Kwedhi, the first female captain of a fishing ship in Namibia.

After completing her high school in northern Namibia, Kwedhi went to further her studies at the Namibia Fisheries Institute in Walvis Bay and has been working at NovaNam for the past 16 years.

Speaking at the premiere of the documentary, Fisheries Minister Bernard Esau said that government places special importance to the development to Luderitz as a tangible economic base in order to grow the country’s blue economy in order to contribute to socioeconomic development of its people and create sustainable jobs.

“Our fishing industry has been at the forefront of this development, through smart partnerships between the government and the fishing industry, especially considering the economic challenges that come with places as remote as Lüderitz, from a business operation point of view,” Esau said.

He added that it is important to share real stories of real people who have overcome serious challenges and marginalization in their lives through taking opportunities offered to them and by having the resilience and conviction to realize their potential, to turn their dreams into a reality, and become facilitators or real change.

“The protagonists in this documentary, in particular Captain Nelago Kwedhi, are to be commended for what they have been able to achieve, and for being role models to the rest of us on what is possible. As the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, and in line with Government Policy, I will always priorities development of our remote towns such as Luderitz, and empowerment of particularly our previously marginalized people in achieving their dreams, and being integral part of our fishing industry,” Esau said.

Caption: f.l.t.r: CEO Pescanova Namibia & South Africa, Miguel Angel Tordesillas, Her Worship Deputy Mayor Luderitz Cllr Brigitte Fredericks, Captain of the MFV Kanus Nelago Kwedhi and Edwin Kamatoto MD NovaNam.


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