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Good Morning, having a good week? How’s your mindset?

Good Morning, having a good week? How’s your mindset?

By Natasja Beyleveld, Managing Director of NaMedia.

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I’m regularly inspired by books and people, especially learning repeatedly that we all mess it up, many times, and that you never stop making mistakes. There are brilliant books and people out there, and ‘in here’. The stories from which we learn tell us more about the experience and circumstances, and we ‘Amen’ when it resonates or ‘Aha’ when we finally get it. Your mentor for the day could be a chief executive or a 6 year old, the gentleman assisting an old lady, or the broadcast you’ve tuned into. Point being; it’s a creative process.

Let’s refresh on some of the lessons learned ‘on the job’ and from others, to master a mindset. What are your #’s?

#BePresent. It’s an era of instant gratification. There’s a call. There’s a message. There’s a reminder. Where is the off button, and when is enough finally enough? Part of being good at what you do, is taking the time to direct all your focus to it, and to do it well. Part of the trick is figuring out which activities need prioritising and preferably at what time of the day. Every encounter matters, because it’s part of defining your character (your taxi encounters matter too).

#NoIsland. All of the little successes building your life story will not necessarily look like the celebrity Instagram moment, or an island experience It’s OK to be at peace with the dull moments having a defined purpose too. Media reality differs a lot from the real deal where you get a flat tire, have to complete an insurance claim, scramble for ad-hoc cash payments, forgot a school bag, have to renew documents, or deal with a tantrum (adult or child). What pulls us through is the fact that we get to have a good laugh with those that share these messes with us from time to time. Perhaps you’re the one laughing (are those tears, No!) at yourself; which is also fine.

#TrueToSelf. Finding your identity in reputation, titles, exam results, your family achievements, who you know, ‘stuff’, your spouse, your parents – is setting yourself up for failure and ‘fake control’. It’s limiting your mindset to “I am what I have achieved” (the tick list). The world does not crash and burn if you didn’t get the Omo on the shopping list today, nor if you didn’t qualify for that business loan.

#BiggerPurpose. Being human refers to humility. In serving others that are in need of help, mentorship, advice, your time, your resources or whatever it might be, you establish your bigger purpose along with so many other people. So hang with humans, you’re not a special floater.

#YourMojo. What’s driving you? Your boss, anxiety, vision, money, your children, expectations, deadlines? Every now and again, go back to your drawing board. You have to really ask ‘why or for what am I doing this for?’. It’s part of the gut feeling that you’ve always had when seeing yourself passionate about a project or a cause. It screams yes, or no.

#MindModel. Who is yours? It’s the people we look up to, the stories of courage that we admire; the adventurer, the innovator, the entrepreneur, the President, the philosopher, the disciple, the speaker, the artist. If you’re not sure who they are, find them and study them. Resonate with these acts of courage that authentically tie in with your values and purpose. It makes you feel like a kid in Disney world, singing with Aladdin.




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