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New Featherweight IBF champion

The country’s Albinus Felesianu’s joy was amplified last week Friday as he was declared the new IBF World Youth Super Featherweight king. His joy was shared by thousands of Namibian boxing stakeholders who flocked to the Windhoek Country Club Resorts and Casino’s auditorium to witness the first ever IBF World Title of its kind on the Namibian soil.
Women, men and children alike jumped to their feet when the ring announcer mentioned Albinus as the new IBF World Youth Super Featherweight Champion.The noise could be heard kilometres away from the Country club.
It was a night of drama as the two pugilists Hebert Quartey from Ghana and Albinus Felesianu engaged on an exchange of punches that kept referee Deon Dwarte of South Africa on his feet all the time. Had it not been for Dwarte’s long and excellent experience in the ring as a referee, things could have turned worse as the two pugilists exchanged missiles of punches.
Namibians are enjoying the IBF Youth Super Featherweight victory and they are yearning for more IBF titles. The boxers will have a chance to grab a piece of the IBF pie at activities lined up for May, June, July, August all the way through to December.
This was yet another electrified tournament promoted by Kinda Nangolo of Kinda Boxing Promotions and sponsored by Telecom Namibia who have invested a colossal amount of money to promote boxing as a professional sport. The exciting event could not keep away the Namibian lovable son Harry “The Terminator” Simon, a former, undefeated world champion ever to come out of Namibia. Harry’s demure and integrity has made Namibia to emerge as the next boxing powerhouse in the African continent. The end justified the means as Namibian boxing fraternity comes of age with a long list of capable and experienced boxers.

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