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Tech heads to showcase work at Innovation Bazaar

Tech heads to showcase work at Innovation Bazaar

MTC, in collaboration with the Namibia University of Science and Technology’s Faculty of Computing and Informatics and the Local Tech Innovation Hub, this week launched the 2019 Tech Innovation Bazaar in Windhoek.

The free event will close on 23 May and exhibitions are at the Namibia Business Innovation Institute in Windhoek, opposite NUST lower campus.

The event which is tipped to become an annual assignment is aimed at allowing local entrepreneurs, developers and engineers to showcase their work and equally present themselves as marketable assets to the ICT industry.

The bazaar offers a rich mix of activities on technology innovation and its applications in the fields of business, social issues and culture.

Major activities will focus on a line-up of local inventions to be exhibited in the bazaar. These will include health and business administration applications, service, gig work, retail advertising, music platforms, automobile accessories, distance education platforms and advanced technologies to ensure safe internet for children.

Dr. Itah Kandjii-Murangi, Minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation stressed on funding for platforms of this nature both from government and corporate companies, saying many local tried and tested products die a natural death after students graduate because of the lack of funding to build on their innovations.

“Many students create technological solution while studying and once they are done, their graduation from university signals the death of their ideas and products they created during their degree program. We thus need events of this nature to exhibit innovation,” said Kandjii-Murangi.

MTC’s Corporate Affairs Manager John Ekongo emphasized that development would be at scrutiny without inclusivity and that innovation is as equally a beacon to the course in the need to realise an improved well-being.

“MTC believes in the advancement of not only local talent but also technological projects that aid in the well-being, improvement and betterment of this nations local inventions. While we are committed to improving the connectivity of every Namibian, it is also our duty to support innovative course so long the Namibian is at the receiving end of a life made better,” added Ekongo.

Caption: Victor Ashikoto, Mathias Fikameni, Kauna Ndilula, Dr Itah Kandji Murangi, Prof. Pramanathan Govender, Prof Anicia Peters, Prof. Heike Winschiers-Theophelus and Uariaike Mbinge.


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