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This Week In The Khuta – The Cross and the Bunny

Easter is here. A period which is characterized by Easter eggs, the lovable Easter Bunny and for Christians it also includes the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. To most though, it is simply a period when one can stay clear of the usual commitments and a have an opportunity to sit back and smell the roses. But I have a very pertinent question: “what is the true meaning of this holiday?”
This period portrays the best representation of love. It doesn’t matter what creed you follow but there is something truly magical in acknowledging that in this universe, we are not alone. That maybe we all did not evolve from a boiling soup of organisms but rather we were created. In our fallible human nature though, we betrayed God’s trust and broke the bridge of communication. So He choose to come down in the form of the Christ and restore that which appeared irreparable. Simply put, He died, that we may have an abundant life.
I know it sounds ridiculous and reading it in continuous prose doesn’t really help. Its just too surreal and quite frankly I can understand why many do not believe. It is easier to believe that there is a bunny who hops around hoping to bring Easter cheer with his chocolate coated Easter eggs and all other forms of candy assortments. This fable tells me that all of us have a longing for something that we cant explain. Something that distracts us from our mundane existence. Something that gives us hope for a future that isn’t so bleak.
I must say I’ll have to side with the Christians on this one. Easter Bunny has given in to the corporate world and eggs at this period are so darn expensive. I’d rather take the cheap route which may not directly promise me milk and honey, but promises a free route to a purpose that is above me. A route that is based on a love that defies all and a hope for eternal bliss. This is the true essence of Easter – love that is unconditional and remains unabated in the face of adversity. The transitory nature of our existence is what should fuel all of us to discover such a love which many have said has filled the gaping holes in their hearts.
To those who deny this love, I must say am a bit curious. What do you find so repulsive about the fact that there is someone out there who loves you more than life itself? Why is it easier to believe that there is a magical bunny who only appears once a year to deliver eggs because this is apparently what this type of mammal does? Or that science is the sum of all truths when certain theories are clearly based of faith that is coated in mathematical jargon? We find it easy to believe in one of the great fallacies, that of causation. It is easier for us to believe that if we do good things, good things will happen to us, or that in this world there is only cause and effect. All the evil that therefore engulfs us is a result of our inherent badness. Yet if we work on that premise we are trapped. No amount of charity work or sacrifices can account for all the hurt that we have caused through our decadent nature. We simply have to look to the cross and believe that there might just be more out there.
Spend this Easter trying to figure out a simple truth, if perchance you were designed by a divine being, and if so, wouldn’t it make sense that He has a special purpose for you. An unequalled calling that is as unique to you as your DNA? If this contemplation bears no fruit fear not: there are Easter eggs to be enjoyed. They just might provide the answers you are looking for.

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