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Education Council discusses five year strategic plan

The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) recently held a consultative meeting with various stakeholders with the aim of setting a strategic direction for the NCHE Secretariat from 2012 to 2017.
Speaking at the meeting, Dr Zedekia Ngavirue, former chairperson of the NCHE, said that globalisation together with technological advancement have brought about significant social, economic and political changes in the society.
He further said that whilst these developments provide great opportunities, they also present challenges, therefore there is a need for each institution to develop the right vision, mission and strategy in order to respond to such changes in a very innovative and sustainable way.
“It is therefore commendable that the NCHE has decided to undertake the exercise of drafting its strategic plan that is expected to enable it achieve its unique organisational goals. The draft maps out the Council’s main strategic route for the next five years and indicates to all role players in the higher education sector what the NCHE aspires to do in order to ensure that its goal of quality education for all is realised,” Ngavirue said.
According to Ngavirue, the draft strategic plan for 2012/2017 does not only give some indications on where the council wants to go, but what the council expects from its stakeholders in order to arrive where it wants to be in the next five years.
“It is for those reasons that we have decided to share our intentions of taking the NCHE to greater heights. The main thrusts of the plan, include stakeholders ownership, transparency, partnership, commitment, service delivery, result-based management and sustainability,” he said.
He further said, that the strategic plan should also be aligned to the other significant strategic planning documents such as the Millennium Development Goals, the various National Development Plans and  Vision 2030, with the idea being to build synergies that will result in greater and excellence results.
“Therefore your input become imperative and it is for this reason that I will urge all of us to be sincere when scrutinising the draft Plan,” Ngavirue added.

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