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Arandis Hotel targets December for open doors

An architect’s perspective of the Arandis Hotel which is currently under construction.

An architect’s perspective of the Arandis Hotel which is currently under construction.

Construction on the N$30 million Arandis Hotel is on schedule. According to Chief Executive Officer of the Arandis Municipality, Florida Husselmann the hotel is now entering its fifth month of construction. “We are still within the time frame, in fact we are slightly ahead of schedule. The ground floor building works are almost complete. We hope that this slight time buffer will assist when the project reaches the more complicated stages of the construction, she said.
The hotel which is planned for opening in December this year will have an estimated permanent staff complement of just over 50, including management. It will include amenities such as a large swimming pool, fitness facilities and an impressive range of venues for any occasion, from board meetings to large conferences and social gatherings. The 29-bed facility will provide”first class” lodgings in three different types of accommodation, with three executive suites.
In terms of marketing, the Arandis Town Council intends to pitch the hotel in the price range of guest houses. “The hotel will certainly be affordable to Namibians”, said Husselmann.
“We are within budget. With such a project you will find that some elements are under and some elements are over budget but we still remain within the global budget, commented Husselmann.
“Benefits to the town of Arandis will be enormous as direct benefits include job creation and increased revenue to Arandis Town Council through taxes. Indirect benefits will come through the impact of the hotel, support of local suppliers, investor perception and it will certainly be instrumental in changing the face of Arandis.”
Construction is done by Namplus Hospitality.

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