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FAW enters mid-range market with new truck assembled in South Africa

FAW enters mid-range market with new truck assembled in South Africa

Chinese truckmaker, FAW, recently launched a new contender in the four-ton range with the introduction of the FAW 6.130 FL. Based on the FAW 8.140 heavy truck, the lighter sibling is also assembled at FAW’s plant at Coega near Port Elizabeth in South Africa.

Arguably the most attractive feature to local contractors and hauliers, is the price. The FAW 6.130 retails for around N$250,000 before fitment of a cargo or utility body.

The FAW 6.130 is imported as a Semi-knockdown kit (SKD) for final assembly at the South African plant. FAW opened this plant in 2014 and has gradually increased production as sales grew, based on the FAW’s acceptance and popularity in the regional market.

It is powered by a 2.8 litre Cummins ISF engine mounted on a chassis derived from the 8.140 but shortened, giving the 6.130 a 3,5 ton payload. The two models share a number of components which is a key component of reducing operating costs for owners.

Jianyu Hao, the Chief Executive of FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA, said “Our decision to introduce this truck was based on customer demand and market opportunity. Our market analysis confirmed the need for a vehicle as durable and rugged as our heavy and extra-heavy trucks but reconfigured with a smaller engine and reduced payload compared to the highly successful FAW 8.140 range.”

“The FAW team paid special attention to cost efficiency combined with the best possible payload and the best turnaround time, without compromising FAW’s quality build standards for durability and reliability. The new FAW 6.130 FL carries all the hallmarks that FAW trucks are renowned for, namely strength, reliability, easy operation, and most importantly, delivering on the promise of a truck built for Africa, in Africa,” Hao said.

Upon launching the FAW 6.130, the company stated “In a business environment where total cost of ownership is always top of mind, it has become imperative that the most cost-effective combination drivetrain be engineered to deliver the best levels of efficiency and durability.”

The 6-speed synchromesh manual transmission is a solid match, taking full advantage of the reliable Cummins engine resulting in easy driving and full driver control.

Torque is a healthy 310 Nm between 1600 and 2700 rpm with a 96 kW output at 3200 rpm. These performance levels make the new Cummins engine and transmission ideal for weight sensitive and space-constrained drivetrains. The truck is fitted with power steering.

The FAW 6.130 FL carries a 2-year/unlimited kilometre warranty and the full extent of sales and/or service from 36 local representative outlets across South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana.

“Our fundamental vision for this region, using South Africa as a base, is ensuring that the FAW brand becomes a household name across the length and breadth of this great continent,” stated Hao.


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