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Oshivelo’s Ondera San community helped by the MVA Fund to grow their own veggies

Oshivelo’s Ondera San community helped by the MVA Fund to grow their own veggies

The San community of Ondera near Oshivelo in Oshikoto received seed, fertilizer and diesel last week as a gesture of goodwill by the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility. In addition, the fund bought fencing material for Ondera Primary School and every learner received a pair of shoes, a pair of socks and a jersey.

Ondera Headman, Max Neibeb received the goods on behalf of the Hai //Om community.

“As a government institution, the fund is obliged to respond to the needs of the same society it serves, and strives to embrace the notion of inclusivity and prosperity for all, while complementing the government’s national development agenda,” said MVA Fund Chief Executive, Rosalia Martins-Hausiko at the ceremony where the community received the donated goods.

She continued “In our quest to contribute positively to the lives of various communities, especially the marginalized, the MVA Fund selected the Ondera Farm community as beneficiaries of our corporate social investment programme. Together with my team, I am thankful for the opportunity to make a substantial contribution to the lives of fellow citizens [who] need the kind of support rendered by the MVA Fund of Namibia.”

The donation ceremony was attended by, amongst others, Hon Betty Kaula, MP and Guinas Councillor, Mr Gerson Kamatuka, the Deputy Director in the Marginalized Communities Division in the Office of the Vice President, Mr Petrus Shigwedha, acting Oshivelo school Inspector, Mr Jason Kalenga, Ondera Primary’s Principal, and accident fund representatives from Botswana eSwatini and South Africa.

Caption. Celebrating the MVA Fund’s assistance to the Ondera Hai //Om community are the fund’s Chief Executive, Rosalia Martins-Hausiku (standing centre right), the Ondera Headman, Max Neibeb (standing left), the Chief Executive of the MVA Fund of eSwatini, Sizakele Dlamini and three Ondera learners with their new shoes, socks and jerseys.


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