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‘Hey Jude’ personal assistant app launched by local bank

‘Hey Jude’ personal assistant app launched by local bank

A subscription-based application that uses a message-based interface to link users with food delivery companies, travel bookings, restaurant reservations, grocery shopping, gift searching, plumbing or other services, ‘Hey Jude’, was introduced to the local market by Bank Windhoek this week.

According to Bank Windhoek’s Managing Director, Baronice Hans, the ‘Hey Jude’ for Bank Windhoek App, will research, source suppliers, negotiate prices and even facilitate payment for clients.

“If your day’s to-do list is comparing supplier quotations, calling in a plumber or booking a trip to any local or international destination, the ‘Judes’ will get it done on your behalf,” said Hans.

The unique characteristic of the Hey Jude App is that the ‘Judes’ are real people that use the power of technology, their own knowledge and a bit of flair to get a customer’s tasks done – it is the perfect combination of emotional aptitude and artificial intelligence.

“I was underwhelmed by the promise of bots like Siri and Amazon’s Alexa and the actual user experience. There might be a time when machines will be able do all these functions, but until then we are filling in the blanks with a blended artificial and human intelligence solution,” said Innovation architect and Hey Jude developer, Marcus Smith.

Bank Windhoek will offer the Hey Jude App to selected customers at discounts of up to 80 percent off the normal subscription fee.

To download the App, Bank Windhoek customers can search for the Hey Jude App on Google’s Play or Apple’s App Stores, using the term ‘Hey Jude for Bank Windhoek’. After a customer loads their card information, the Hey Jude App will start to function and requests can be made.

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