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NamiGreen, Document Warehouse join forces to fight ewaste

NamiGreen, Document Warehouse join forces to fight ewaste

The Document Warehouse and NamiGreen entered into an agreement to recycle computers and phones. The two entities recently announced the partnership to work on the growing amount of used and broken computers, phones and electronics.

The Document Warehouse, an offsite document storage and record management company installed waste bins for people to drop-off their used and broken electronics in Windhoek.

According to an informal survey, it was revealed that most people do not know what to do with their used and broken electronics. As a result thereof, most of it is tossed out with the normal solid waste.

According to the two entities electronic waste, or e-waste, such as computers, phones and other electronics must not be put in normal solid waste bins. Instead, it should be recycled properly by experienced recyclers. If dropped in standard solid waste bins, the electronics will end up in landfills and often polute ground water and the environments.

The partnership announcement strenghtens NamiGreen’s position as the leading electronics waste recycler in Namibia. The Document Warehouse has partnered up with NamiGreen to strenghten its corporate social responsibility and hopes to encourage other companies to follow suit.

The NamiGreen CEO, Per Hansen, said every citizen and company has a responsibility to ensure a safe and clean environment – both for ourselves but also for future generations.

“Nobody wants to live in a waste dump with polluted water or toxic fumes. We owe it to ourselves and it also feels great to do something good for the environment,” he added.


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