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What is this crazy little thing called development?

What is this crazy little thing called development?

Without development there would have been neither creationists nor evolutionists ! These two have been fighting each other for the last almost 200 years. To put it simply – creationists believe everything is created by Divine intervention, while evolutionists claim that everything is the result of evolution.

However, development is the key to all events in this world. If it weren‘t for development we would still be clothed in animal skins or even fig leaves and eating fruit from trees! Just imagine life without thinkers, planners, designers, engineers, executors (the makers of things, not the other kind who cut off your head!) and you’ll be living in Paradise.

BUT, with development, in due course also came greed, competition, aggression, lust, degradation, scheming and all things which cause humans endless grief So, not only is development an agent of advancement, but very often the result of negative occurrences.

Creationists apply everything to the will of God or god(s) – even all corruption and evil as a sign of one’s inability or choice of not performing in accordance with the Divine Will without intervention. To these are added God’s love, grace and ever redemption and mankind’s salvation. There is for man and woman always a way forward in development and an inner sense of striving.

For the evolutionists, ever since Charles Darwin everything started with a ‘Big Bang’ and all development is the process of luck, natural selection, environmental change, survival and domination. If you and your kind can vanquish all that threaten your existence, you will develop further and change as development allows. There is therefore no after-life or post obitum. When you’re dead, you’re dead !

Again, as stated at the beginning, this is a very simple and ignorant view on an extremely complicated and ever extending (developing) subject! Far be it for me to give you an exact assessment and detailed explanation of life.

Howsoever, whatever you believe, were it not for development, we on the southern tip of Africa would probably not have been here as we are not all there! As the American cross-over country singer, Kenny Chesney, in 2018, sings:

We’re all here, ‘cause where else would we go

When the world tips sideways, it’s just where we roll

Where that crazy train ran out of track

Where we all jumped off and never looked back

On a buzz, on a binge, on a dare

On a whim or a wing, on a prayer

Yeah, maybe we’re all here, ‘cause we ain’t all there

Naw, we ain’t all there.

Richard S.

About The Author

Richard S

Richard S. is a retired business manager. His career of more than 40 years took him from clerk to director of international programme marketing in the television broadcasting sector. During his career he has witnessed several large-scale transformations, first in radio services, then in television programme procurement and TV scheduling and presentation. He also successfully tried his hand at retail business and property development. He is a pre-digital professional but has lately adopted some of these new technologies although he is reserved about their application and functionality. He believes that digital is only in its infancy but that in the future intelligent design age it will still become the only form of public communication. He lives with his wife in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was educated at the University of the Free State and of Natal.