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Youth gather in Kamanjab for wildlife conservation

Youth gather in Kamanjab for wildlife conservation

More than 400 young people converged in Kamanjab near Etosha National Park to celebrate youth week and deliberate on best practices of animal conservation, according to news agency Xinhua.

Speaking at the gathering, Ministry of Environment and Tourism Executive Director Theophilus Nghitila said the government has taken a move to involve youth in conservation to cut down on cases of poaching.

“We are gathered here today to educate youth about the importance of conservation of our national resources,” he said.

“As a country we have experienced various challenges with poaching and also depletion of national resources in national parks. As a country we have taken the decision to involve our young people in fighting such challenges, “ he said.

Speaking at the same event, Executive Chairperson of the National Youth Council Mandela Kapere underscored the importance of conservation in youth programmes.

“The youth form an integral part of animal conservation and as a country we feel that we need to involve the youth in such activities,” he said.

The national youth week ran under the theme: Youth for Conservation. (Xinhua)


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