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Netball appoints new coaches for the National, U/21 and U/19 teams for a shot at international tournaments

Netball appoints new coaches for the National, U/21 and U/19 teams for a shot at international tournaments

The controlling body for netball, Netball Namibia, announced this week it has appointed new coaches for a period of four years up to 2022, to ensure that the coaches enjoy guaranteed tenure which is seen as a prerequisite for developing players and building teams to a level where they are competitive on the international circuit.

According to Netball Namibia they have had a critical look at the type of coaching structure and positions required to make the Namibian national netball teams competitive at an international level. They have also decided to recruit more than two coaching staff members by adding the positions of Assistant Coach: Attacking and Assistant Coach: Defensive.

The National senior team, Desert Jewels’ coaches are Julene Meyer, Head Coach, Antoinette Wentworth, Assistant Coach: Attacking, Sunette Burden, Assistant Coach: Defensive and Elsie du Plessis as Team Manager.

For the National U/21 Team the Coaches are Anna Sophia Kriel as Head Coach, George Vries as Assistant Coach: Attacking and Naguloshi Eve Kamutushi as Assistant Coach: Defensive. Coaches for the National U/19 Team are Jatjinda Tjihero, Head Coach, Augusta Sethie, Assistant Coach: Attacking and Marvellous Quency Khaebes, Assistant Coach: Defensive.

Netball Namibian explained that the appointed coaches are tasked with the preparations of Namibian national teams for amongst others, the NN/Debmarine Pent Series 2019, the African Championships held annually, the U/21 World Cup Qualifiers in 2020 and for specific preparation of the Desert Jewels for the next World Cup qualifiers and the U/19 regional participation.

“The Board of Netball Namibia wishes all appointed coaches all the best and trust that they will reclaim Namibia’s status as a netball playing country that not only participates but successfully competes in competitions,” the controlling body stated.

They also thanked and acknowledged the good work of the coaches whose tenure just ended for their contributions in building and solidifying the foundations of the national teams.

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