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Business School caps 548 students

Business School caps 548 students

The Southern Business School of Namibia celebrated the success of their Diplomandi and Graduandi when they were conferred with their qualifications last week.

With so many graduates, there were several days set aside so the students and their loved ones were truly able to enjoy their moment in the sun.

A total of 548 students of different programmes and degrees were honoured and rewarded as a result of their hard work.

Southern Business School of Namibia, Director, Mr. Albin Jacobs presided over the graduation as Master of Ceremonies.

He emphasised the need for education and educated people to continue to develop the economy of our country.

“Today’s graduates juggle jobs, family, friends and a social life, whilst still managing to pursue tertiary education through distance learning at Southern Business School of Namibia. Often it is said that people take the easy road and don’t want to invest in themselves or their country. Higher Education through distance learning is a real and viable option when wanting to pursue tertiary education. These Southern Business School of Namibia Diplomandi and Graduandi prove that it can be done successfully,” he added.

Through its ‘Hands-on, Minds-on, Hearts-on’ philosophy, Southern Business School of Namibia has transformed many lives by securing their futures with a strong foundation in skills and knowledge.

The proud students, parents, partners and friends of those graduating were very conscious of the significance of the event and the achievements of the their beloved ones.

According to the School enrolments have grown in numbers over the years with students pursuing multiple degrees and programmes.

Starting out with Higher Certificates, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas and eventually enrolling for the Bachelor, Honours and Masters degrees with the Business School to continue their lifelong learning.


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