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Young women to get exposure through Science Camp

Young women to get exposure through Science Camp

The U.S. Embassy will partner with the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) to host the 2019 Women in Science (WiSci) STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Design, and Mathematics) education camp.

WiSci 2019 will be hosted in Windhoek on the NUST campus and participants will be scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, 18 June and depart on Saturday, 29 June.

The camp will include a STEAM curriculum led by experts in their fields, as well as leadership development activities and learning excursions.

The goal of WiSci is to expose young women to the variety of career paths available in STEAM fields. Internationally, there is a strong gender imbalance in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The WiSci Camp aims to help bridge that gap through access to education, mentorship opportunities, and leadership training.

Organized in partnership between NUST and the U.S. Embassy, WiSci 2019 aims to host more than 50 local girls and is seeking representation from all 14 regions.

Eligible candidates are strongly encouraged to apply without regards to race, religion, disability, or income-level. Girls with limited access or exposure to STEAM opportunities will be given priority

Participation in the programme is entirely free. Stipends will be provided to cover any costs related to travel to Windhoek, and lodging and meals will be provided for the duration of the camp.

The deadline to complete the application is Tuesday, 30 April and applications can be completed online at this link:

Applicants must be female citizens or residents of Namibia, be in Grade 10 or 11, and be between the ages of 15-17 to apply.

Caption: Applicants must have the expressed permission of a parent or guardian to apply. It is required that applicants commit to attend the full duration of camp. Applicants should also have regular access (at least once per week) to internet at a home, school, community center, internet café, or other location.


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