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Katutura musical film on track

Filmmaker Florian Schott on the set of the musical film Katutura.

Filmmaker Florian Schott on the set of the musical film Katutura.

Tulinane Entertainment received a financial boost from FNB Namibia for the production of the musical film titled Katutura. Producer Obed Emvula said the film project is on schedule. He expects the finished product to be done by the end of this year. Most of the filming will be done during the coming winter.
Emvula said “the script went through an energetic development phase, story elements were harvested and a unique narrative structure was developed to shape a stronger film. The first phase of the story development happened in November 2012 with a three-day workshop in Windhoek. A script reading was also conducted in Windhoek with local actors. This process was to assess the story arc and to ensure all elements are in place for narrative structure as well as the controlling idea. The Sound Guys were also contracted to arrange and write a theme song for the Katutura project, a song due for release soon.”
Some highlights so far include the fact that Emvula could welcome Florian Schott to the Katutura film project. Florian is a German filmmaker living in Namibia since 2009, after meeting his wife on a film shoot in the country he now calls home. “The project also managed to attract Daphne Williams, a line producer with 24 years of experience. While all the highlights are difficult to list properly, one compelling reality supersedes: industry support from various players and service providers in Namibia is overwhelming. And young companies, competent and innovative have also come to the table,” Emvula said adding that he has furthermore signed a contract with Vessel Films,  a film production company headed by young talented Namibians to produce the Katutura Documentary, a profile of the people of Namibia.
For the next three to six months key crew must be locked down, production schedule must be revised and a number of other happenings will take place. “Apart from Katutura being the largest consumer market in Namibia, historically and currently relevant, the film is a great community tool to organize and plant deep roots in the Namibian consciousness far after the name of Katutura is changed. The film will live for a very long time.”
FNB Namibia helped the process by providing a sponorship of N$500,000 for the film in September 2012.

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