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Living through adversity requires a mindset that is focussed on positive outcomes

Living through adversity requires a mindset that is focussed on positive outcomes

Guard your thoughts so that you do not fall into a rut of negativity or depression, is the message a well-known medical doctor who moonlights as a motivational speaker, earlier this week told an audience of business people at an event organised by Team Namibia.

“You should think about what you think about, because what you think about is who you might become and what might evolve. It is a powerful truth from the field of neuroscience to emphasise the importance of your thought life,” Dr Chrisna von Gericke of the African Leadership Institute told her listeners, many of whom have become despondent due to the continuing negative impact of the recession.

In an effort to provide its members emotional support, Team Namibia invited Dr von Gericke to give a talk on “the power of the mind” and how an individual’s thought processes invariably impact that person’s success in business or in his or her career.

She is involved in life skills and training and together with her husband, Dawie Fourie, the former Managing Partner of PWC, they run the African Leadership Institute from their base at Rock Lodge near Okahandja.

Dr von Gericke highlighted the importance of positive thinking, saying that thoughts really matter and that it is important to be vigilant against self-reinforcing negative thoughts which tend to be destructive. “One must recognise how the thoughts of the individual can essentially influence the well-being of all Namibians,” she emphasised.

Afterwards, Team Namibia’s Account Director, Bärbel Kirchner, said “After more than two years of having experienced drastic changes in our society, lives and businesses, where generally one has been led by all types of own emotions – which is quite a natural individual response to change – I believe everyone is ready to receive encouragement to create a positive future.”

She continued ”It indeed starts with the power of the mind by thinking about our future, and getting all our resources – internal and external – aligned to work to and implement a positive future. Positivity and optimism, which are an individual choice, will help us to move forward, irrespective of circumstances; we need this to ensure that our economy will start thriving again. So, we should make every thought count.”

Dr von Gericke’s powerful message made a significant impact on the Team Namibia members in attendance. Some expressed the need for immediate action to change the way they think about their current positions as well as the future.

The Team Talk is a regular event to engage Team Namibia members and other stakeholders on current market-related issues, to build awareness of the need to support and drive the production of quality local products and services countrywide for sustainable economic growth. When the economy is in the doldrums, keeping one’s goals in sight becomes a powerful motivator.


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