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Last Band Standing

Etondo is the first band to make it to the final of this years Last Band Standing.

Etondo is the first band to make it to the final of this years Last Band Standing.

Etondo on the road to the finale

Nine bands are still standing for the finale of The last Band Standing. On Wednesday evening Etondo came up tops beating rock band Penilane in the first performance of the 2nd round of the competition. The next second round of performances will take place on 23 March where Famaz Attak will go against The Pulpit, and on 27 March where Chillin in the Park will face Shemyetu. Young will go against old when new Kid on the block, Miss H and her band face Big Ben and The Last Band on 3 April. The soulful Floritha will go against Formula Band in the last show before the finale on 6 April.
The event provides opportunities for musicians to promote themselves, network and share with others and it serves as a platform for the artists to showcase their talents in front of a public audience.
This year’s competition is jam packed with popular musicians. Miss H and Chillin in the Park are set for a huge showdown in the finale. After their outstanding performing at last year’s Jazz Festival, Chillin in thePark is a force to be reckoned with, but things might just go differently. Music lovers and fans of the band artists have a chance to show their support. Tickets are N$50. Doors open at 20:00, so go and be the judge and decide who you will be hooting for in the finale. Previous winners of the competition are Ras Shehema (2011), and Shishani who took the prize last year. This year’s winner will walk away with a prize of N$100,000.

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