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Elgin Brown & Hamer to extend assistance to retrenched workers

Elgin Brown & Hamer to extend assistance to retrenched workers

Following the recent retrenchments of 50 employees, Elgin Brown & Hamer Namibia (EBH) announced that a specified number of the retrenched bargaining unit employees will be given preference to be reabsorbed into the business unit when certain work opportunities arise.

EBH Namibia said that it will assist some of the retrenched employees to form SME businesses to further support its operational requirements on a sub-contracting basis in the future in areas such as transportation and security.

The company stated that with a total of 295 permanent employees left, its resources are better aligned and positioned to meet current operational requirements.

“This has also provided EBH Namibia with greater flexibility to take advantage of a future economic upturn. However, it must be borne in mind that at the same time, the volatile oil and gas and offshore repair market makes it very difficult to predict if any future retrenchments may be required,” the company stated.

Meanwhile, EBH Namibia has optimised its current labour resources and will deploy staff for repairs and recommissioning of the Sapura Energy owned SKD Jaya drill rig which arrived recently at the Walvis Bay port.


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