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The African Textile, Apparel & Footwear Trade Show

Namibian companies operating in the Textile, Apparel & Footwear sectors are requested to make contacts with the NCCI in order to facilitate their participation at the Source Africa, the African Textile, Apparel & Footwear Trade Show in Cape Town from 9 to 12 April.
This show supported by the USAID Southern Africa Trade Hub (the Trade Hub) and LTE. Source Africa will take place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town, South Africa.
The event will highlight the quality, creativity, reliability and sophistication of clothing, textile & footwear manufacturing in Southern Africa to a global audience. It features country and provincial collection pavilions as the centerpiece of the more than 100 African exhibitors.
The Trade Hub and LTE will support Southern African national Trade & Investment Agencies that coordinate participation of textile, apparel & footwear manufacturers from their countries under an official national pavilion with subsidies towards the stands and officials participation costs.
The NCCI thus is currently identifying companies in the sector to participate. The NCCI realise the importance of having reputable international buyers at Source Africa. US brands and buyers have committed to participate in the fair with a focus to start buying from African suppliers.
Source Africa has the support of the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA). The US presents a great opportunity as a market for clothing, textile & footwear products from the region.

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