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Energy Ministry avails 1000 solar lighting kits for learners

Energy Ministry avails 1000 solar lighting kits for learners

In a bid to make studying at night possible for underprivileged learners, the Ministry of Mines and Energy handed over 1000 solar powered lights to the University of Namibia.

The lights are to be distributed to learners that currently do not have modern lighting systems, in the and often study in the dark after sunset.

Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy, Kornelia Shilunga said that her ministry expects that the Ministry of Education Arts and Culture will be involved in the identification of those in need of the lights, and that UNAM researchers who will monitor the performance of the learners will work closely with the ministry.

“Access to modern energy services is one of the indices of the level of national development, worldwide. In developing countries such as Namibia, there is still quite a significant percentage of the population, not yet served by modern energy services such as electricity. School going children may therefore have limited lighting for extended studies after sunset,” Shilunga said.

To this extent, a memorandum of understanding, between UNAM and the Energy Ministry, that will guide the monitoring and evaluation of the distribution and usage of the lights, and benefits derived thereof, has been drafted and is in the final stages of scrutiny by the legal offices of the two institutions.

Once ready, the agreement will be signed accordingly, and help map out other areas of cooperation such as capacity building and training, through short courses and seminars, as well as conferences such as the Solar Power Systems for Namibia.


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