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New medical building for UNAM

The University of Namibia’s medical campus has a new building right at the heart of the institution. The building is situated behind the main administrative building and serves as a multi-disciplinary centre. Despite still lacking an official name, medical students have started making use of some of the facilities, calling it the Life Sciences Building II. The building contains laboratories, classrooms, an auditorium, offices, an indoor pool and a gym. According to Mr Fillemon Wise, official administrator of the medical campus, “There has been an increase in our medical students so the first years have already started using the auditorium in the new building. Some of the other wings of the building are available but not all of them.” The building was constructed by Murray & Roberts. The opening of the building was postponed indefinitely as the initial proposed date corresponded with the passing of the Late Minister of Education, Dr Abraham Iyambo.

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