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SADC delegates call on sustainable funding models on climate change

SADC delegates call on sustainable funding models on climate change

Southern African Development Community (SADC) working group on climate change on Tuesday called for the region to find sustainable funding models of combating the effects of climate change.

The delegates are meeting in Windhoek to get feedback on progress from member states and come up with a working document to be presented to the ministers of environment and tourism.

“There is a need to come up with a better way of funding our war against climate change instead of relying solely on loans that we can not afford to pay. The challenge for African countries right now is that our efforts are funded from loans coming from elsewhere which places our member states to increasing debts,” the delegates said.

“More challenging is the reality of coming up with an exact amount of how much is needed by both member states and the region in dealing with climate change. The figures received to-date vary depending on different member states,” the delegates said.

Most SADC countries, the delegates said are now experiencing challenges associated with climate change including drought, inconsistent rainfall patterns as well as heatwaves. – (Xinhua)


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